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I'm Not Being Paid Overtime

Have You Been

Misclassified as "Exempt"?


hr SAID I wasn't eligible for overtime ...

Ask yourself the following:

Did you receive a salary during  initial training, when you were learning how to perform your job as opposed to actually performing your job?

As a "manager" do you perform the same kind of work as hourly employees who are paid overtime?

Does your store, branch, or district manager make all the "big" decisions, including as to who to hire and fire?

If so, you may have been improperly classified as "exempt" from overtime and entitled to back wages.  As a general proposition, federal (and, where applicable, state) law requires that you be paid premium overtime compensation for every hour you work over 40 each week.  This generally means that if you work 50 hours in a week, you must be paid 10 hours of overtime.  Routinely, though, employers classify "managers" and other staff as "exempt" from overtime, even though they are not.  This type of employee "misclassification" is rampant, and if you're a manager (e.g., Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Manager, or other secondary-level store or restaurant manager, or were paid a salary while completing training for your "management" position) you may have a claim for unpaid overtime.

We take pride in clearly explaining and navigating the often foggy landscape of "misclassification" claims for employees in the retail, service, and other sectors.  We then help our clients recover the overtime wages which they are owed.  As we see it - it's money you've earned.  We'll help you get it!