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We represent individuals employed as delivery drivers and driver helpers who are required to work long hours but are not properly paid.  Whether you are a seasonal worker delivering Christmas packages, a helper organizing a van and running deliveries to the front door, or a 20-year veteran of one of the big delivery outfits, the law is the same and you are required to be paid for all hours you work.  There are, however, a number of wage-theft issues specific to this industry which you may be experiencing.

For example, we know that you are under pressure to deliver packages as quickly as possible and that you may be required to work through lunch or after your shift in order to do so.  We also know that your manager is under pressure to keep labor costs low, which often means that you are required to record on your time sheets that you worked less hours than you actually did.  On other occasions, the company’s time keeping system may automatically record that you took lunch, or that you only worked during your scheduled shift.  Regardless, and whether you are forced to record lunch breaks that you do not take or finish the day earlier than you actually do, this is wage-theft.  It is “off-the-clock” work and it is illegal.  Worse still, your manager may have deducted hours from your timesheet to avoid having to pay you overtime at the end of the week or retaliated against you for having complained about it.  This is also illegal.

Whether you work as a driver or helper for a large or small delivery company, we know the issues you are facing because we represent your colleagues with similar wage-theft claims.  Your work is important. Ensuring that you are properly paid is important to us. If you are owed wages, contact Jason Conway.  While we cannot deliver a package to save ourselves, we will work tirelessly to deliver your unpaid wages.