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About Us

Jason Conway founded Conway Legal, LLC with one goal in mind – to be the go-to employment lawyer for workers across the country.  Jason’s firm offers high-quality legal representation in a simple and straightforward manner. We work smart to pursue your wage and hour claim without unnecessary delays and our “no-win, no-fee” contingency approach means that we do not recover unless you do.  Our mantra is: “Fighting for Workers. Period.”

We believe that a win is never enough — it is important that we achieve the overall best outcome for you. We are not a “settlement factory” and do not believe in pursuing the path of least resistance to negotiate a cheap settlement.  Our firm is different. Every client matters. That means that we are not just trying to push you through the process in order to move on to the next person — it matters to us that we help you obtain the best results possible.  Your story is our story. Jason’s track record speaks volumes. He has more than a decade of experience advocating on behalf of workers, and he has been involved in several high-profile cases that have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements.

Background and Blue-Collar Origins

Jason comes from the land “down under.”  He was born in Melbourne, Australia to a blue-collar family and was raised in an environment which valued hard work, dedication and persistence.  Upon graduating law school, Jason moved to the U.S. where he could fight the tobacco companies. With no place to live, he slept on the floor of his office for weeks.  He worked for a top-notch firm helping clients that he admired and that was all that mattered.

Jason’s relentless work ethic is fueled by his passion to help others.  Jason is not just another attorney. Here at Conway Legal, both he and us truly empathize with the difficulties that you and your family are facing and we want to help.  Whether it is eating vegemite, sipping whiskey, coaching baseball (he’s still learning), or having a few laughs, Jason ain’t too different from the clients he represents.

Friendly, Compassionate Service

Among the many factors distinguishing Conway Legal from other firms is our commitment to friendly and compassionate service.  We understand the struggles that you are going through and we make our legal services more accessible by offering approachable representation.  We call it “kitchen table” representation. We sit down and talk with you like a trusted family member at the kitchen table, where real conversations happen and you can open up about your situation.  Jason is an affable and receptive attorney who will never make you feel silly for asking questions. In fact, it is this willingness to engage with others in a positive way that helps us communicate with employers and negotiate favorable settlements for you.

Bulldog Mentality

We are — simply put — relentless in our pursuit of justice for you.  Jason prides himself on his bulldog mentality and this tenacity connects us with our hardworking clients.

We take an aggressive approach because we truly believe that doing so will benefit our clients by leveling the playing field with their employer.  Companies understand that we know our stuff and are willing and able to take a case to trial. Our approach is met with respect and employers listen when we speak.

Have a Wage or Retaliation Issue?  Let’s Chat.

If you have an issue with how you are being paid, or if your employer is giving you a hard time because you “spoke up, ” call us at (215) 278-4782, submit a free, no-obligation case evaluation form, or e-mail us at  Jason will call you directly about your various claims (he’s the one with the accent).