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I'm Not Being properly Paid For Training

What Are The Rules?


training is a slippery slope ... for employers.

Ask yourself the following:

Am I being required to complete "training" related to my job after hours, at home or on the weekend?

Am I being required to complete modules or other courses related to my job on-line, away from work, or on my own dime?

If an hourly-paid employee, am I being paid for all of the time spent away from work (or even at work) completing training?

If a salaried-employee, have I been misclassified as "exempt" from overtime because I'm being trained on how to do my job, rather than actually performing my job?

Chances are your employer may owe you back wages in connection with your training.  Generally, the time you spend completing training that is required by your employer must be paid by them.  Even though you are being trained on how to perform your job, you are still working for the benefit of your employer.  The law says that's time that you should be paid for.

If you're a manager who's being paid a salary simply to learn how to be a manager, you may have been misclassified.  If you're an hourly-paid employee who trains off-the-clock - either at home or at work - completing training, reading study materials, preparing for company tests, or learning company policies, for example, you likely should be paid for that time.

That's where Conway Legal can help.  We know the pitfalls associated with training-related pay.  Let's just say that we've been "schooled" on them.  We know the issues - while our jokes may need work, our knowledge and skills don't.  Let us help you.