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Conway Legal, LLC Opens Its Doors

July 5, 2017 | by on General

Conway Legal, LLC opened its doors for business today and successfully introduced two new services geared to protecting workers.  In addition to offering a superior wage + employment law practice focused on recovering back wages for workers, Conway Legal is excited to provide a first-of-its kind “Job Application and New Hire” counseling program for new clients.  For no fee, clients can obtain one-off legal advice and information regarding the potential pitfalls associated with new-hire applications and offers of employment, including confidentiality requirements, and agreements to “arbitrate” potential employment-related claims.  The practice is particularly useful for junior employees who are navigating through their early years of employment.  Conway Legal is offering the service in an attempt to level the playing field for employees who face a significant economic and power imbalance.

Conway Legal is also proud to announce another first-of-its-kind “Social Media” counseling program for new clients.  Again, for no fee, new clients can obtain one-off legal advice and information regarding workplace social media issue, including the pitfalls associated with errant Facebook and Twitter posts.  Conway Legal leverages its more than ten years experience litigating social media issues and is excited to provide these services to workers of all industries.

Conway Legal, LLC is based in Philadelphia and serves the legal needs of modern, tech-savvy employees harmed by improper pay practices.  The firm was created in response to changing technologies and out-dated legal practices.  Conway Legal aims to provide exceptional service and, through creative and innovative legal thinking, achieve superior client results.

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